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Who am I ?

When was the last time you’ve dived into the dark side of your self? Granted for a lot of folks their dark nature is best left locked up tight and kept that way. But it’s still there, for all of us. The other side of our personal coin. One side is the face we show the world. The other lies right behind the eyes, unseen by any except those brave enough to look.

An old friend once commented on the bio picture I chose for the back cover of Halocline, my second book. He said he could see the story of my life in that one shot. Victories, failure, love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, pain and happiness, all in the eyes of his childhood buddy. Though we hadn’t seen each other in 35 five years or more he read me like a book. I just thought it was a cool bad ass sort of head shot. Shocked and ashamed at what he saw  so quickly, it was too late to pull it from publication.

In a few short words, without judgement, he peeled away the skin of illusion. I saw myself the way he saw me, not the way I see me. It was an eye opener. All published authors go through this and stand naked before the world each time they make their work available. I never realized until my first book went to my editor what fear was. Being in a life and death situation comes close to what it feels like. And that’s just the beginning. Every time you read a book or story not only do you get to enjoy a good tale but you get to know the author as well because it’s damn near impossible not to, as an author puts all of their self  into the writing.

In retrospect the photo I chose was appropriate as it shows, like my writing, who I am, the light and the dark. Thanks Don.

On another note, Black Tide, the third book in the anoxic zone series is coming along nicely, with just a few ‘hurry up and wait’ issues. We did a photo shoot for the cover at Ho’okena beach last weekend. Our diver worked hard and we got the shots we needed. Looking forward to a November release. Aloha!

About john g rees

John g rees is not your average horror writer. Not your average martyr either. After the death of his father and that of a close friend, john found the release he was loooking for and started writing. Born in the Midwest some half-century ago to two soon-to-be morticians, one can see where his ‘dead pan’ humor truly came from. Playing amongst the caskets and his catholic school upbringing underscore much of his work. He went through many types of employment. Moving west first to San Francisco, finally making his home in the Hawaiian Islands, john g rees has worked in many diverse, yet tangent fields: from the repair of Ferraris to the repair of underwater dock pilings; painting houses to painting ship zincs; general construction to general salvage diving on many sized ships - working out of Pearl Harbor for a while, on Navy vessels, some top secret. He has traveled the world looking for work and play in out of the way places. Never finding what he expects. He likes it that way. He has been happily married for 20 years.

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